RAM upgrade: HP EliteBook 840 G4 Laptop “Error: Beep Sound, Black Screen”

For your information, I’m not a computer hardware nerd!

  1. I bought a HyperX DDR4 RAM 2400MHz and a crucial 1TB SSD from online. How I face the error, is where I wanted to test the new RAM, first remove my HP’s RAM and insert the HyperX’s RAM.
  2. On the first restart, the laptop able to load up the screen. However, on the 2nd time restart, the “beeping sounds starts and black screen” the screen would not load up.
  3. So I had to remove and replace the HP’s RAM back into my laptop,  and research what was the cause.
  4. I came about the term “Overclocking“, I installed the CPUID(CPU-Z) tool to monitor the CPU Speed to making sure it is not exceeding ;
    • Capture
  5. I also came about a forum saying that they, place the original RAM and the new RAM together to resolve this error problem.
  6. So I give it a try and, it works! Checking the CPU speed was running normal and the laptop able to detect the RAM, I rebooted 2 or 3 times the laptop runs fine. Is already 1 week passed, I encounter no issues.
    • Capture


Hopefully this post helps you guys!




Troubleshoot Hard Matching Immutable ID, Failed with Error “Uniqueness Violation”

When you perform a hard matching via PowerShell and you notice that once you run the Set-MsolUser command on the correct account, it return an error “Uniqueness violation. Source anchor”. Hmm what could be the cause for this error???

Well the reason for the cause of this error is obvious that there is still existing duplicated account is still not fully removed from Active Users list and Recycle Bin.


This post requires you to know the basic commands like Connect-MsolService, Set-MsolUser, Remove-MsolUser and Get-MsolUser.

So what you got to do is to run the remove command to remove the duplicated account. Once fully remove from the Active Users list and Recycle Bin, you could continue to set the immutable ID on the correct account.

Oh yea….if the account that you wish to set the new or correct immutable ID make sure it is empty or cleared before you set the new or correct ones.

Happy PowerShell!


PowerShell: WinForm GIF Player for Fun


I just notice I forgotten to blog about this experience. It may seem useless, but I had a fun Sunday spending on it.

Anyway, here is the code for it, you could improve it.

*Note: Highlighted in YELLOW needs you to change it!

#Create a form

Add-Type -AssemblyName System.Windows.Forms

$Form = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.Form

$Form.AutoSize = $true

$Form.StartPosition = "CenterScreen"

Write-Host "Running GIF Player ..."

#Adding some text

$Form.Text = "GIF Player"

$Label = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.Label

$Label.Location = New-Object System.Drawing.Size(0,0)

$Label.AutoSize = $true

$Label.Font = New-Object System.Drawing.Font ("Comic Sans MS",20, [System.Drawing.Fontstyle]::Bold)

$Label.Text = "Hello Sunday ~"


#Get the local saved GIF

$gifBox = New-Object Windows.Forms.picturebox

$gifLink= (Get-Item -Path '<filepath>\cathello.gif')

$img = [System.Drawing.Image]::fromfile($gifLink)

$gifBox.AutoSize = $true

$gifBox.Image = $img


#Execute the form





PowerShell: PowerShell with MFA

It seems that more users are heading to enabling MFA but when it comes to managing via PowerShell, it can’t seem to login with their credential on normal PowerShell module.

When you have MFA enabled, you got to install the module  that’s support MFA. Pretty extra right? haha yea I know. Administrators tends to prefer GUI to manage but on other occasion we still need PowerShell to manage our cloud services.

To search for the PowerShell module tends to be a little tricky but hey I’m here to help you.

So enough of chit chat….let’s get it on!

First of all you got to open up your Exchange Online Portal > hybrid > Select the second option; Not the first option!



*Make sure your laptop or computer has the latest .Net Framework to support this module and supported Windows Operating System.

Once you got it install it will create a shortcut for you;


Anyway, do expect the Connect command will be the same as the usual PowerShell module.

Connect-EXOPSSession – Exchange Online


Connect-IPPSSession – Security and Compliance



  1. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/exchange/exchange-online/connect-to-exchange-online-powershell/mfa-connect-to-exchange-online-powershell?view=exchange-ps

Office 365: Delete users the 2019 way

Today I discover something new, now office 365 given more details to administrators to delete a user.  Before direct execute to delete the user, administrators are given the few choices on how they can delete this user.


Let’s see what are the choices;


I have a resource account that I wish to delete,  when I execute the delete, it direct me to a page to ask how should I delete it or what are the choices that I can do with delete user.

I find it pretty useful because I do not need to open up Exchange Online portal to alter the mailbox permission to another user or permission to the delete user’s OneDrive.

If there were delegation on this user account that you wish to delete you could see it just from this page, instead of open up Exchange Online Portal.

Pretty cool right?

Women Who Code: Level Up!

Hi ladies and gentlemen, for the past 1 or 2 weeks it was pretty hectic because my colleague is on leave and I’m running events, and I didn’t manage to get to update my blog.

On 21st October 2019, aOSKL had a dinner event for all speakers (local and international) and professionals from Microsoft, to get to know each other better. I met Annie Matthew, and Cassandra they are the committees for Women Who Code from Microsoft, so they invited me to join one of their up coming event on 24th October 2019.

So yea, I join to check it out, spoke to few attendees and the speakers, to get to know them and about this community. It seems that mostly the attendees were females and looking for a change of field, due to work hours or bored of their current field. However, they do not know how and they have too many worrying thoughts of changing fields. I think what they need is a confidence speaker to tell them “Just go ahead“. As a women myself, yes I tend to think twice or multiple times before stepping or making a move into a new field. Anyway, I am lucky that my job does not require me on stepping into a field full of bombs.

The only requirements you need is to stay humble, honest and passion about the work.

You can’t buy experiences.

Thanks for reading this blog post and I am hoping that more youngsters and females to join the tech field and become an influencer.

#wwcode #levelupkl #diversity #diversityandtech

Another thing for you women out there, do not compare yourself with other women. Each of us are unique in our own way. Here is a image to remind you as a women you are an extraordinary creatures!


Azure Information Protection: Office application prompt for privacy notice

Microsoft provide notice to end users that has Azure Information Protection enabled and Policy has set to them. It does not matter either you are on Azure Information Protection Classic or Unified labeling.

When you first launch your office application or relaunch it you will get this notice.

A privacy notice such as below;


Office 365: Disable Office 365 Group, the year 2019 way


Yesterday, I discovered that Microsoft has change the way how to disable office 365 group creation from users. You may refer from this Microsoft Docs and it was last updated in September 2019. It seems that it requires a minimum license of Azure AD Premium Plan 1. You may find this plan in your M365 E3 license. Before this, this was the way on how to disable office 365 group creation from users.

Looking through this blog post, on the Azure portal image, and comparing the current one has changed a lot. Now the group settings in the current Azure portal looks like this;


As you can see above the Office 365 Groups settings, you can only control users from creating office 365 groups via Access Panel or Azure portals.

This is an Access Panel;


Why you should control Microsoft Teams creation?


One of my customer informed me that why is his Office 365 Groups got big? I went in and help the customer to have a look at it together. I notice the email addresses are different and not normal looking kind. So I was thinking and checking the utilization dashboard and asked customer “Is Teams being launch?”. Answered “In the process”. Hurried that I had to run a disable Teams creation script and to prevent unnecessary Office 365 Groups created.

I saw Office 365 Groups with naming like “Jom Makan-Makan”, “I hate this Job”, “Boss Convo”, “What is Life” and etc.. This is why you should disable Teams creation capability to tenant wide, when you first deployed Office 365.

So what is the right way?

  1. Disable Teams creation tenant wide
  2. Create a security group
  3. Include only champions or Head of Departments as privileged owners to create Teams / Office 365 groups.


  1. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/admin/create-groups/manage-creation-of-groups?view=o365-worldwide

aOSKL 2019: My First Ever Workshop – Coming Soon


I am glad to got accepted again for this aOSKL event, but there is a challenge to this, that is it is a workshop, 2 hours of workshop. Am I going to just read through slides? (That will be so boring….duhhh) What will my workshop consist? Well, are you interested to know? Come register and join my workshop! Seats are limited, first come first served.

“Sabrina Kay always hunger for challenges!”

Here is the link aOSKL 2019, to help you to find out more what this events has 🙂