RAM upgrade: HP EliteBook 840 G4 Laptop “Error: Beep Sound, Black Screen”

For your information, I’m not a computer hardware nerd!

  1. I bought a HyperX DDR4 RAM 2400MHz and a crucial 1TB SSD from online. How I face the error, is where I wanted to test the new RAM, first remove my HP’s RAM and insert the HyperX’s RAM.
  2. On the first restart, the laptop able to load up the screen. However, on the 2nd time restart, the “beeping sounds starts and black screen” the screen would not load up.
  3. So I had to remove and replace the HP’s RAM back into my laptop,  and research what was the cause.
  4. I came about the term “Overclocking“, I installed the CPUID(CPU-Z) tool to monitor the CPU Speed to making sure it is not exceeding ;
    • Capture
  5. I also came about a forum saying that they, place the original RAM and the new RAM together to resolve this error problem.
  6. So I give it a try and, it works! Checking the CPU speed was running normal and the laptop able to detect the RAM, I rebooted 2 or 3 times the laptop runs fine. Is already 1 week passed, I encounter no issues.
    • Capture


Hopefully this post helps you guys!




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