Azure AD: How to permanent or force delete user from recycle bin via GUI?

As you may know Office 365 admin center doesn’t provide the capability to remove/delete deleted user from recycle bin and you may need to run powershell to do it.

Some of the IT admins may find using power shell is not very efficient than GUI. Currently you could perform the remove at Azure active directory.


  1. Sign in to
  2. At the side bar, select “Azure Active Directory”


4. Than select “Users”


5. Select “Deleted Users”


6. Next, select the users that you wish to permanently remove


Yes, Microsoft default of permanent remove of deleted user’s account is after 30 days.


SharePoint Online and Office 365 groups: What is the difference between soft delete and hard delete?

Yes, SharePoint Online and Office 365 groups (aka Unified Group) are concurrent. Example, if you have create a Microsoft Teams Group/Team or create an Office 365 groups or create a Team sites, Microsoft Office 365 will create a site or create a group for it too. However, now Microsoft Office 365 has a new category of create site, called Communication site. (FYI, I am still learning on it).
Anyway, I am here to provide a notice or knowledge to technical and end users, when comes to creating and editing/modification sites, everyone are very good at it. However, when it comes to deletion, no one really cares !
Now here comes the interesting part, try asking yourself “What actually happens, when i deleted a group?” and your possible answer is “Oh, it just went into my recycle bin.”. I couldn’t agree more to that answer but that is only partial information that you know about the deletion function.

○ Definition of soft deletion – “Recycle bin with retention period of 30 days”
○ Definition of hard deletion – “After retention period of 30 days and 93 days, Microsoft Online Service Garbage Collector (You will notice this from your Audit log in Security and Compliance), will automatically permanently force delete anything inside the recycle bin”
○ This may takes up to 24 hours or 48 hours for permanent deletion completion

Anyway, administrator and users don’t have to be afraid of 30 days retention, where now Microsoft has extended the retention to 93 days, where all things in recycle bin will be move to a secondary recycle bin. However, there is always a limited quota for secondary recycle bin, if exceeds than it will automatically purges the oldest items. (Please refer to the references)

Office365, Exchange, Azure, AD: Why you should always check your Office365 Recycle Bin?

Every human mistake is they never check what is inside their recycle bin before proceeding.

The very first thing you should do when you want to create a user is to check your Office 365 recycle bin! Why? Because is best to avoid another problem for yourself unless you are the problem. To also avoid duplication occur in Office 365.

Imagine yourself hitting the brick wall by creating and deleting repetition of a particular user account, setting yourself in panic moment and continue getting errors such as,

  1. Unable to get the user account to sync up to Office 365
  2. Incorrect user principal name
  3. Worst -> Incorrect Immutable ID