Get-AIPFileStatus Script for users

Just having thought about how to extract the AIP File status from storage via PowerShell Scripting. Hope this helps. Do leave comments if you find some faulty or beside faulty.


  1. This script doesn’t limit to what you want, you could modify it.



  1. Has AADRM module installed
  2. Has the Execution Policy modified
  3. Has PowerShell 3.0  above or Azure Module PowerShell console

Below is the script;

#Purpose: To export data of AIP labelled files from users devices
#You can do this into a GPO but beware of vulnerabilities and 50-50 percent chance that this could actually work
#If you want to run this in a GPO, you have to modify this script

#Connect to the aadrm service
$AADRM = Connect-AADRMService

#Please enter the path
 $ReadPath = Read-Host -Prompt "Enter Path that you wish to check"
 $ReadPath = $ReadPath.ToString()
 $AIPFileStatus = Get-AIPFileStatus -Path "$ReadPath" | where-object {$_.IsLabeled -eq $true}

#Count number of AIP files inside the path
 $CountFile = $AIPFileStatus.Count
 Write-Host "There are total $CountFile AIP File(s)."

#Prompt for export
 $a = Read-Host -Prompt "Do you want to export this data? (Yes/No)"

 $CurrentDate = Get-Date
 $CurrentDate = $CurrentDate.ToString('MM-dd-yyyy_hh-mm-ss')

 If ($a -eq "Yes" -Or $a -eq "yes"){ 
 $Export = $AIPFileStatus | Export-Csv "AIPFileStatus_$CurrentDate.csv"
 Write-Host "Successfully Exported!"

 Write-Host "End..."

 Write-Host "Fail to connect"

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