Office 365 & AD & Exchange Hybrid: How to create remote mailbox in Exchange Hybrid for existing user, in Active Directory and Office 365?

When you have existing user active directory record and you’ve accidentally had provision the mailbox at Office 365. Thus, result you unable to add the user into any distribution group and etc. because it doesn’t have record in Exchange Hybrid. Besides, user’s primary email address wasn’t correct, such as “” instead of “”.

Here are the steps to resolve your problems;

Implication: None (for me)

*Note: You have to be familiar with PowerShell. Best to try it on a test user account first.

  1. Go to Exchange Hybrid server
  2. Open Exchange Powershell Management
  3. Type the following commands;

    Enable-remotemailbox “userDisplayName” -RemoteRoutingAddress “”

  4. Go to Azure AD Server
  5. Open Windows Powershell

    Start-ADSyncSyncCycle -PolicyType Delta

  6. You will than review that particular user’s the mailbox in Office 365, has more email addresses shown in the email address category itself. And also the Primary email address has change to the right one.


*Note: This may take half an hour for the overall settings to be propagated at the user side. Because at the user side they will still view their primary smtp as the incorrect one, even though the modification has done.

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