Office 365 & Outlook: Policy tip of “this sender fail fraud detection (spoof)”

The only reason of warning you see “sender fail fraud detection” in your outlook while sending or replying a mail to another domain, could be that the other domain doesn’t have the valid/existence of a “include” record or etc. in their SPF record. Thus, authentication fail.

To resolve this is to add the missing particular record to your SPF record;



v=spf1 ip4: ipv4: mx ~all



v=spf1 ip4: ipv4: mx ~all

*Note: This will take up to 24 hours for the record fully propagated. There is not much differences for your “all”  with symbol of “~”, “-“, or “?”. After propagated, make use of this online DNS checking tool called “mxtoolbox” to make sure the record is correct.

If after adding/modifying your SPF record, and you still having trouble with it, is best that you check with your hosting company and raise a case to Microsoft Office 365 support  for further assistance. 

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