Azure Community Singapore First Live YouTube Video! Topic: Azure Information Protection and Azure Sphere

Good day everyone! Keep staying positive even the day is bad. As a community member for Azure Community Singapore since the month of July or August 2019, this community is not just answering questions, this community has a monthly speaking meetup and yea I joined, I was “like yea, I would like to join and share about Information Protection”. However, the downside is that I can’t travel to Singapore every month just for this speaking meetup. Discuss and Discuss and they reach an end result, “let’s try doing it as YouTube Live!”.

The community set up 2 sessions, Azure Information Protection by Sabrina Kay and Azure Sphere by Snake Chia.

We went through twice of the rehearsal after working hours, the first rehearsal was to test out how we can do YouTube live with multiple users, we faced challenges like internet congestion and delay, try out implement QoS on the machine, hopes to improve connectivity and communication. On the last rehearsal, we did a dry run and getting the timeline and order of switching speaker, making sure everything fines. Thanks for pulling this rehearsal together.

The first YouTube Live just below this link:

[September 2019 Meetup] Azure Information Protection and Azure Sphere

Thanks, Marvin Heng, Goh Chun Lin, and Snake Chia! 🙂

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