PowerShell: Disable users from creating Office 365 Groups

Before things or infrastructure of your SharePoint Online, Exchange Online’s Office 365 Groups, and Microsoft Teams go uncontrollable, it is better to disable the freedom of creating Office 365 groups for users. You can only do this via PowerShell and this may take 24 hours or probably a few hours to take effect. Think about what is the best procedure for this.


  • Requires PowerShell Module
  • Requires AzureAD Module
  • This doesn’t impact Global Administrators
  • Users got the freedom to create Office 365 groups from application or web platforms, such as Outlook, Yammer, SharePoint Online, Teams and many more.
  1. Open Windows PowerShell or Windows Azure AD PowerShell module
  2. Type the following command, to connect to Azure AD Services
    • Connect-MsolServices
  3. Enter your Global Administrator Credential
  4. Type this command to get your company information
    • Get-MsolCompanyInformation
  5. Is will show you “UsersPermissionToCreateGroupsEnabled” is set to True
    • capture.png
  6. Type this following command to turn off the freedom for users to create Office 365 groups
    • Set-MsolCompanySettings -UsersPermissionToCreateGroupsEnabled $False
  7. This will then change the “UsersPermissionToCreateGroupsEnabled” to False
  8. Wait for 24 hours to take effect and try to test out whether it works from the user side.

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