Azure Information Protection: Overview Default labels on Office application

I am having an Office ProPlus application, using Windows 10 Pro. Azure Information Protection stands for AIP. I will use AIP term throughout this post. Making sure AIP is enabled at the Global administrator side.

If you are wondering “Hey, I do not want my users to be having the privileged to uninstall AIP application from their devices”, well I will explain more on the next post 🙂 !


  1.  An office 365 account
  2. Supporting Office 365 License
  3. Supporting Windows Client/Server
  4. Azure Information Protection Application

Just to show you how the labels look like for each of the Office application (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel),

Outlook Without AIP


Outlook with AIP


Word without AIP


Word with AIP


Excel without AIP


Excel with AIP


PowerPoint without AIP


PowerPoint with AIP





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