PowerPoint: Subtitle Presentation

So what brings me into writing this blog, I know that this blog is out of my norm, but I have been using PowerPoint Subtitle function for quite some time, I just didn’t like it until that day…

It is a late night and I was skyping with a friend in Singapore, he commented that my YouTube videos need subtitles because my voice is soft. Hence, I mention that I could make use of the PowerPoint because it provides subtitles function, he was surprised that PowerPoint has this capability. So we started screen sharing via Skype, I demonstrated him the subtitles function in PowerPoint and during that demonstration, I notice the “More Settings” at the subtitles. From the “More Settings” I gain the capability of adjusting my spoken language and the subtitles that I want it to show on my presentation slide.

It is interesting how we can learn from each other, just through a short Skype screen sharing. Hahaha. I myself seldom use personal Skype and I did not know that it has improved. This personal Skype experience is because of a friend in Singapore.

This feature really useful if you always perform screen recording, presentation or YouTube Videos for education.

The accuracy is surprisingly 98% when I meant its accuracy means the voice and slang detection and reflect it into the subtitle bar. Alright so let me show you how you could enable this!

How to Enable Subtitles in PowerPoint Presentation?

Below is a video;

  1. How to enable subtitles in PowerPoint?