My first experience as a speaker at Insider Dev Tour, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2019!

Being the youngest and the only female speaker at Insider Dev Tour KL, it was my pleasure to stand out and present the Windows Insider Program to the audience. Met new speakers during the Insider Dev Tour, KL, awesome, funny, friendly, smart and great to chat with! I am glad to meet them all, glad that they gave me this opportunity too! Thanks very much!

Our audience is mostly university students and corporate. It was a surprise to see the amount of fresh and young developers devoted their Saturday time to join Insider Dev Tour, to learn and explore the updates and capabilities that can help them with. They were all super engaging, super curious and super active with games, questions, and activities! {Yes! This is the generation! This is what the future needs! Fresh, young and engaging developers!}

The response from my audience, they were quite surprised when they heard about my age is very close to them. They started asking me how and why I chose this path. My reply “Passion, Strong goals, Devoted, and showing and sharing my skillsets to help others. I like new technology, especially customization!”


I’m the speaker for Windows Insider Program, my main impact is to get the audience to join the Windows Insider Program and form their own community to share and grow their apps with Windows
Me explaining what is the Windows Insider Program
Fresh and young developers devoted their time to join Insider Dev Tour to learn, upskill, explore and also receive gifts from activities and games
Meet ninja cat and my laptop cats
Stickers and gifts
Summary of my experience as a speaker at Insider Dev Tour, KL