How to create FTP in Windows Server 2016


Having a difficult time to sleep, so why not do a short video on FTP right? hahaha, Hope you guys enjoy it!

Before creating an FTP, you got to install or add from Server Manager > Add roles and features > Select Web Server (IIS) > Expand it > Select FTP Server. You got to manually check it.

Next, once you added the FTP server role and features, go to windows administrator to open FTP.

Factors for FTP;

  1. You got to create an FTP site
  2. Give suitable naming
  3. Site permission
  4. You got to make sure your application/appliance require SSL or not
  5. Virtual Directory
  6. Authentication type
  7. Credential access to the virtual directory, and which this credential will also be used by your application or appliance for authentication