Microsoft Purview: Things to know when you are using Name Entities as Data Classification in Data Loss Protection

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Let’s begin with our topic of today!

I was not really expecting that this would be an experience that I would never forget.

Attention Require

Before you would want to recommend name entities classification, there are few things you should take note from Microsoft article.

  1. Policy tip does not support name entities on Office 365 apps (64 bits and 32 bits)
  2. If you created a DLP rule containing a name entity and credit card as your condition and enable policy tip. Hence, even if your content contains credit card information only, the policy tip on your office 365 apps would not show up too.
  3. For further list of what does the name entities does not support, feel free to review the following references.


I would suggest that you either acknowledge this and move on with deploying DLP as silently monitoring at the backend or proceed to enforce and send with notification instead. Best to enforce it.

If you would still want your policy tip to work for non-name entities than you would have to create an extra rule to manage. Still keep the DLP policy as minimal as possible based on the locations type.

I would suggest that to perform these in your lab environment, if you are new to name entities. Hence, you would know that matching confidence level and what was able to cover in its matching capability.

Microsoft Support would likely request you to perform removal of the PolicyNudges Key from Registry Editor or Run the SARA application as resolution. However, this does not work.



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