Azure Exam: AZ-500 How to pass the exam?

Good day, I’ve been receiving requests asking me how did I manage to pass the AZ-500 exam, which I just recently took it, on 22nd December 2020. I’m writing a blog post about it because I can’t go one by one to reply you guys.

There was 60 questions, including (1) case study, (10) true and false questions and (40) objective questions. If not mistaken.

There were no labs in this exam. If you were the earlier adopters for this exam and yes there was a requirement of completing a lab in this exam.

The exam was mainly focusing on

  1. Your understanding of OSI layers *
  2. Steps on encryption and decryption of SQL and databases.
  3. RBAC
  4. Azure AD Connect deployments
  5. Network access and privileges
  6. Access and privileges of virtual servers
  7. Where to get Reports from, for different platform based on the types of Azure services

To be honest, without proper understanding and reading the questions and OSI layers concept you would have slight chances of passing this exam. If you have experiences with Azure services, then you won’t need to worry much about the exam. I would recommend you to prepare yourself with the following reference links below, it would give you help on passing this exam.

All the best and good luck ahead!



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