C-level talk: M365 Security and Compliance

This post is going to be slightly different. Last week (21st August 2019), I got invited to give a talk about M365 Security and Compliance. This is really a test on my confidence and how I communicate with the audience. Another thing is that I cannot be technical, that is the biggest challenge! Standing out is always my biggest fear. Stepping into the room, trembling, all I can tell myself “Sabrina you can do it”. Everyone is looking at me and some smiling at me, probably because they are thinking “Why is this kid presenting?”. Anyway, the show must go on!

I am just someone wants to learn interesting things and stepping out from my comfort zone. I may not score well in this talk, but I willing to learn to be better. Another thing is I don’t blame my mentor, I only blame myself because I am the one on the stage. So mentor, don’t feel bad, I fall I still climb back up.

I don’t like to be a show-off, I just want to share what M365 can do better for an organization. Throughout my experiences with M365 Security and Compliance, I find that leveraging on their features and capability has helped quite a lot of my customer’s frustrations with auditors or lawbreakers in the company. To gather justification takes longer time and takes up energy, why not M365 right?

Just to summarize, minority audience clapped, it is a great experience and opportunity given, thanks very much, especially my mentor, for investing the time in me. Guess is still a long way for me to improve. I had a great time talking with some of the audience, there was 1 audience has been wanting to talk to me but afraid (I have no idea why, do I look scary? I’m just joking) and told me he liked the aOS KL 2018 talk that I gave about Azure Information Protection. With a little gratitude from the audience drives me to keep going, thanks.


Don’t be a smart-arse, Be unique! – From My Dear Parents

Author: sabrinaksy

Just an ordinary lady who love what she does best.

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