Azure Information Protection and Unified Labeling (No longer in Preview)

This post has been in my draft, just got too much to handle this few months and I am terribly embarrassed about holding this post in draft. *Gomeinasai*

Last few weeks, I notice that there is a new Azure Information Protection version of the client, it was released on 14th July 2019, stating that it comes with unified labeling. I was a slight surprise “Is it true? that unified labeling is no longer in preview mode?”.


Before it was announced that it is no longer in preview mode, I had to do the manual integration and it will cause the Security and Compliance’s Data Leak Protection Policy to crash via GUI. I had to use force command to remove the Data Leak Protection policy, via PowerShell.

Manual integration involving SharePoint settings, Security and Compliance, and Azure Information Protection. However, this may win theoretically but technically is not working that well for me though. Well, it was a tough experience but good to go through it.

I tried many ways to get it working but it will crash. “Updating…” status will just stay there for more than 48 hours! *faint*

Anyway, is good to know that Unified labeling is no longer in preview mode. You can manage your labeling in Security and Compliance too by migrating the Azure Information Protection Labeling (AIP). Just to make sure no duplicates labeling in Security and Compliance before migrating.


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